Troubleshooting a USB Dongle Problem

Last week I got a USB Dongle which I had to install on a new Server. The USB Dongle should replace an older Dongle which is connected over the Paralell Port to an older physical Server. A Dongle is a small piece of Hardware which serves as a electronic key for a specific software to protect this software against illegal usage and copys.

The challenge was that the new license server is based on a virtual machine and I had to connect the Dongle over a USB to Ethernet HUB.

It sounds easy but I had the problem that I didn’t get that small piece of hardware to work. The Dongle was detected by the system and I did install the drivers, but they had an unknow conflict and didn’t work as you can see in the picture below.

I did check the driver versions from the manufacturers website and I also tried to install them manually, but without success. I still had this USB Code 10 Error. Now there are few possibilities for this error. It could be a driver conflict, because there are other Dongles over the same USB Ethernet Hub connected to that system. Further it could be a problem with the Dongle itself or a Problem with the USB Ethernet Hub included the communication between the Hub and the License Server.

We have a second USB over Ethernet Hub which is connected to another virtual Server. To find out if the Dongle works I decided to install the Dongle temporarily on the other Server. I did one try, I could successfull install the drivers and the Dongle works. The only difference was that this server is based on a 2008 Operating System and the license server is running on a 2003 Server and the other USB Ethernet Hub seems to be from another manufacturer. But i know one thing that the Dongle itself works fine.

My next thought was to connect the second USB Ethernet Hub to the Licenseserver to try if the Dongle works over the second Hub. For this step I had to install a Driver on the Licenseserver that the communication between the server and the USB Ethernethub work. At this time the Dongle was connected to the old hub and I was totally amazed as I could see that the error code in the system manager was disappeard! How is that possible?

It seems that both USB over Ethernet Hubs use the same Chipset. One was labled with Black-Box Systems and the other was labled with Digi Anywhere. One Problem solved 🙂

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