Challenge: Middle Mouse Button

Classical desktop hardware (also known as fatclients) disappear more and more in our classrooms and will be replaced trough virtualization technology and thinclients. We have a virtual desktop infrastructure based on Citrix Provision technology. The picture below illustrates how the provision technology works. CitrixXen Server is optional, we use VMWare ESX and MS HyperV Servers. On the client side we have thinclients and fatclients that use both a VDI Image which streams the whole Operating system.

vdi_environmentAnyway let’s come to the problem description. Soon we want to replace all the fatclients of a classroom with thinclients where CAD applications are teached. Our teachers did test if they can work with CAD applications over a thinclient. Let’s wait for the feedback..

The performance is well, but there is a problem. The middle mouse button do not work and we need that function to turn CAD objects. Without the functionality of that button we don’t want replace the existing hardware! 


Ok, let me see if I find a solution!

hmm…I’ve no plan. Maybe the USB redirection do not work properly!

We use linux based thinclients. My idea was to read out the vendor id and product id of the mouse and create a redirecton policy with the specific product and vendor id. (symbolic picture)Auswahl_046


Now let’s see what’s happen!

Gah! The mouse is redirected to the desktop, but the mouse cursor disappeared! A mouse with no cursor is useless…

I did a check with the tool x-mouse control and could see that the middle button works, but it’s useless if you don’t see a cursor.

x-mouseI did contact the support and after a while I got the answer that the middle mouse button is on linux systems used for the paste function. The suggestion was to deactivate this function over the registry!

For Citrix-Sessions:

System -> Registry -> ica.wfclient.mousesendscontrolv
System -> Registry -> sessions.ica%.appsrv.mousesendscontrolv

For local Browser-Sessions (Firefox):

System -> Registry ->
System -> Registry ->


Amazing very hidden feature but it worked! One challenge more solved!

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