Recover files from a corrupt USB Pendrive

Yesterday a desperate looking teacher came into our office with a USB pendrive in his hand. He said that he had to prepare some important documents for his class, but instead of his files he can only see hieroglyphics. (see symbolic picture)

Do you have a Backup of your pendrive?

Backup what is this? I mean no, I haven’t…

serious? Ok, that’s bad. Let’s have a look… the filestructure looks absolutely corrupt and I don’t know if we have a chance to recover something. But…

Challenge accpected with no guarantee, let me give it a try…

I’ve decided that I don’t go to deep and try if I can do something with the filerecovery tools that are included in windows.

start filecheck with checkdisk…
after some hours chekdisk is finished…







and here we got the report…

Related to the report, checkdisk could restore a lot to it’s old structure, but some folders and files couldn’t be restored to it’s original structure. Then checkdisk put this files in a hidden folder called „found.000“, „found.001“ and so on…

If we look in that folders we can see lot of files with the file extension .chk

recover4There is a utility called „Unchk“ to recover the files to it’s original type.

unchkTry out what we get…

recover3recover5Lot of files are restored! 🙂

It will be a lot of work to identify all the files, because every file is named with „FileXXX““. But this is the job of the teacher!

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