Setup a Server for Videostreaming – Part1

kalturaWe have many digital video files for education that the teachers are using for their classes. All this video files are stored on a file share in our network. They made links that a video file will be directly open with the VLC Mediaplayer. The whole filestructure is not clearly arranged and user friendly. Therefore we’ve got a request if we can provide a webbased soloution for video streaming.


I’m a windows Systemadministrator, but personally I also like linux and the opensource community. I’m sure there are a lot of commercial soloutions for video streaming, but I’ve decided to search first in the opensource world and I discoverd the kaltura community edition video streaming server which is completely free.

This article will be a tutorial splitted in 4 parts:

You can decide if you want to install linux CENTOS on a physical server or a virtual one. For testpurposes I did setup a new virtual machine over the VSphere Client for VMware, but I’ll skip this step and move direct to the installation part of CENTOS.

Let us download Centos 6.5 minimal edition. There are different download locations, but you can use this link to download the ISO file.


Download CENTOS minimal edition


Install or upgrade existing system


Skip media test


Set language (German)


Set keyboard layout (Swiss German)


Basic storage devices


Yes, erase all data on the disk


set hostname


set IP address and DNS


set timezone


set root password


use whole disk space


write changes to disk


wait until setup is finished and reboot the machine

Try to access the the new installed CENTOS over a SSH Client like putty. If this works we can go over to PART 2 of this Tutorial.


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