Setup a Server for Videostreaming – Part4

After the installation of Ubuntu Server and Apache2 we can continue with the wordpress installation for the webinterface.

First we have to restart apache with the command service apache2 restart

We change to the directory cd /var/www

From here we download the latest version of wordpress:



From here we extract the downloaded archive:

tar –xvf latest.tar.gz

and change the directory name from wordpress to video:

mv wordpress video


Create database for wordpress with user:

mysqladmin –uroot –p******* create database video_db

mysql -u root -p
show databases;
create user video_user@‘localhost‘ identified by‘******‘;
grant all privileges on video_db.* to video_user WITH GRANT OPTION;

wp3set permissions on directory video:

chown – R www-data:www-data video

Deactivate Apache2 default site by entering the following command:

a2dissite 000-default

cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/video.conf  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled

Service apache2 reload

Browse to http://agsstr02 and you should see the wordpress installation page:


wp6Start wordpress setup

WP Configuration:

database name: video_db

username: video_user

Password: ********

database host: localhost

wp7 wp8Start installation

set a wordpress Username for administration

password: ************

set a mailaddress

If there are no problems with the database, setup is finished.

Login to wordpress:



Set a wordpress template that is good for videos. I’ve tried out different templates and the best that I’ve discoverd is DETUBE. It is not free, but optimal for embedded videos!

Now with the Kaltura Streaming Server we have the possibilty to host our own videos. Kaltura supports HTML5 and Flashplayers for streaming. In Kaltura we can create a html code for each video that we can embed in wordpress. Maybe you have to play a bit around to find out what is the best template for you.

Now we are on the end of this tutorial. Happy streaming 🙂

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