APP-V Migration

Last year I had to migrate a lot of Software packages to the new App-V 5.0 version. Related to APP-V 4.6, the new version have a completely new design and if you plan to go over to APP-V 5.0 you’ll notice that you begin more or less from scratch! If you convert an old package to the new version, you have to retest all the packages and my experience was that most of the converted packages didn’t work properly and I had to create new software packages directly with APP-V 5. In this article I want to show you how you can convert packages with a powershell script or a little GUI that assist you in the converting process. I also plan to write more articles about APP-V 5.0, because it’s a big part of my job.

From the sequencer machine setup the powershell script for migration:

$src = „V:“
$dst = „X:“
$logdir = „X:\ConversionLog.txt“
Import-Module AppvPkgConverter
$list = dir $src|where {$_.mode -match „d“}
If((Test-Path $logdir) -eq $false)
{ New-Item($logdir) -Type File}
foreach($i in $list)
Write-Host $src$i
$conv = ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage -SourcePath $src$i -DestinationPath $dst
If($conv.Error -ne $null -or $conv.Warnings -ne $null)
Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value ($conv.Source+“ appears to have failed…`n“)
Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value („Error: „+$conv.Errors+“`nWarning: „+$conv.Warnings+“`n“)
}elseif($conv.Information -ne $null){
Add-Content $logdir $conv.Information“`n“
Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value ($conv.Source + “ completed ok, no Errors or Warnings…`n“)

The variable $src is the App-V 4.6 fileshare and the variable $dst will point to the APP-V 5.0 fileshare where the converted packages should be stored.

If you don’t like scripts you can use additionally a GUI that will help you for the migration.








Sample output of a converted APP-V 5.0 package:






We still have a mesh environment with APP-V 4.6 and APP-V 5.0, but I was able to reduce the APP-V 4.6 packages to a minimum.

APP-V 4.6 console after migration

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