APP-V Sequencer crash

The Microsoft APP-V Sequencer is a component of the APP-V suite used to package applications that can be deployed to systems that using the APP-V Client. The sequencer will monitor a software installation and record all necessary informations during the setup process that we need to create a virtual application package.

To get a better understanding what the sequencer is I’ve discovered a picture that shows the App-V suite components together in a APP-V 4.6 and APP-V 5 environment.

APP-V 5.0 environment

There are a lot of possible causes, why you don’t get a package to work. During my daily business it can be that I see errors like this:

Possible APP-V 4.6 error code
Possible APP-V 5 error code

In that case we have error codes that help us to identify the cause. There is a good website that collect APP-V 5 errors and links to possible solutions. Check it out!

Last month I came accross a challenge that was completely new for me. I’ve tried to create a application package and always with the last step, when I’ve tried to finish and save the package the sequencer crashed! Result: package lost 👿


I’ve tried to find the cause, but I had no plan! where to start! I did open a thread in the Appvirt Guru and Microsoft Technet Forum to see if I get a solution for this from the community 🙂

I’ve got a lot of suggestions, but none of them did match my cause. Related to my topic someone decided to collect all possible causes for a Seqeuncer crash and wrote a nice summary on his blog. I really aprreciate that 🙂

Timothy Mangan (The APP-V Guru indeed) said:


I was shortly before the step to open a microsoft support case that they can troubleshoot the cause. But two days ago I did notice that there was again activity in my technet thread with new responses:

I can confirm that removing all the ‚German‘-only language applications resolves this crash.  I know this doesn’t help get this software packaged for you but you can open a ticket with Microsoft on it.

The .EXE’s I removed to enable this to work:



@Trentent I thank you so much that you took time to download/sequenze the binary and analyze the cause for the crash!

Your finding sounds very interessting to me! I did remove the three exe files from my package and I could save the package successful without sequencer crash. Now I had to find a way to inject/import this three exe files to my package, because without them the package won’t work!


I did backup the files and revert the sequnecer to it’s original state. With this basis I’ve tried to edit the package and import the three exe files to its original location.


And finally save the modified package….Damn the sequencer crashes again! 👿


Now I was curious whats happens when I modify the package with the gridmetric APP-V Explorer.


I did import the files and save a new app-v package from it.



The Gridmetric APP-V Explorer didn’t crash! I could successful save the package! I’m amazed 🙂

Let’s import the package and test it!


On the client side I can see that the package is ready!


And finally the package seems to work!


Maybe I’ll never now the cause for the sequencer crash, but I’ve a working package! This wouldn’t be possible without the help of the community! Again thank you all for your effort 🙂

Another possible workaround that came in my mind was to create a script that copy the three exe files to its original destination on the local file system and merge the virtual filesystem path in the package with the local filesystem.

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