Swiss intelligence service gets more power

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin

Last weekend the swiss did vote about a revision for the swiss intelligence service law. The shocking endresult looks like this: 65.5% did vote yes and only 34.5% did vote no!


I think this is the work of a big propaganda machine (called our mass medias) to infiltrate our subconscious mind with fear. Fear and manipulation always works together! Fear is a primal human state. It begins in childhood. Even if no real danger exists we fear imaginary monsters hiding under the bed or in the closet. Fear rob us of our ability to think rationally. Fear is our enemy, but was always a great tool for manipulation. A dictatorship without fear wouldn’t be possible! Think about it…

In this case the term of fear stands in relation with terrorism. Think about how much we hear about terrorism (actually the IS) in our mass medias…

See how manipulative they are. Just in the newspaper today (German):


Why else would we give up our freedom and vote yes for such a stupid thing? It’s the feeling of getting more security in times of disorder! But remember the quote of Benjamin Franklin…

Under the new law, the Federal Intelligence Service and other authorities will be allowed to tap phones, track internet activity, hack into computer networks or infiltrate them, snooping on emails accounts and deploy hidden cameras and microphones to monitor suspects who are deemed a clear threat – but only if authorized by the federal administrative tribunal and oversight counselors!

Dear swiss people why are you so naive and give up your freedom?


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