Beware of Scams!

There are a lot of scammers out there! Be careful…

Actually I’ve a little dispute with the house owner of my apartment. To my rent I pay every month a fix amount for additional charges, like all the renters in the house. Once a year we should get a invoice to see what happend with the additional charges. If the additional charges are higher than the amount that we’ve payed in that pot the difference will be divided to all the renters in the house and we’ve to pay our part of that sum to the house owner. But if the addidtional charges are lower than the amount in that pot, the house owner has to pay us for the differernce. In the years where I’ve got that specific invoice I’ve got evereytime some hunderd swiss francs back. The problem now is that we didn’t see the invoice for the additional charges since the last three years. The house owner has changed in the beginning of that year and the old house owner seems no longer to be interessted to pay us out! What a shame! 👿

If you persist for your rights then you’ve to fight. In switzerland there is a federation of renters to get help in such cases. But I’ve googled and came to a website that looks very professional, but there is a scammer behind it. For 95 CHF/ year they promise you to get support for a lot of cases. Yes they promise a lot, but the only thing they want is your money and what you get from them is trash! The owner of that website operates from Dubai and the company address in canton Zug doesn’t exist! I did register me on that website, but thanks god I didn’t pay. I’ve tried to delete my account, but I couldn’t find that option. I did edit all the fields with trash, and I think it’s only a matter of time and they kick the account off 😆



For some additional background info watch this from „Kassensturtz“:


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