Chuck Norris answering a phishing attack ;-)

Today Morning I’ve checked my mailbox and there was a Mail inside that looked like this:

Mail from: Kommunikation Services

Subject: IT-Security Umfrage / Priority: High

Well done! It looks very professional and not as lazy like this message I’ve received some years ago!

I did notice two things: Beside my adress there is another recipient @phishing.local and the link in the URL survey address is

Let’s go and open the link. I’m curious 🙂

Amazing, the whole design looks like Corporate Identity!

The questions are really funny, but now see the best part: (Password will not be saved)

Notice: I can also win a iPad! Wow that’s a motivation :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Send Survey

Let’s have a look who did register this domain:

I couldn’t leave it to fill this survey again out, but this time with the name of the CEO of that company Andreas Wisler 🙂



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