I’ve lost my CCNA Certification

Back in 2011 I’ve successfull passed my CCNA exam in routing and switching where I did study and prepare myself for 10 months in theoretical stuff and practical exercises. For different reasons I’ve decided in 2012 to change my job from the service provider environment to internal system administration. In that role I did more and more go over to the field of administrating windows based server systems and gain a special focus with deeper skills in the whole area of application virtualization. Network administration became to a smaler part of my daily tasks and I’ve realized how easy it is to forget network commands and a deeper understanding of routing and it’s different protocols if you haven’t done this kind of stuff for a longer time span. To keep your certification status, you’ve to recertify every three years. Three years later in 2014 I did my first CCNA certification retake with the exam 210-260 „CCNA Security“. I’ve planed a preparation time for 5 months and learned mostly from the official cisco cert guide. Additionally I’ve watched some video tutorials and did exercises with the GNS3 network simulator. That I like security related topics is no secret and I did successfull pass this exam! Now three years later it was again time to recertify and I’ve decided to do that with the exam 200-355 „CCNA Wireless“.

It’s also a very interessting topic but I’ve to admit that I gave myself with only two months of preparation time too less effort and I did  defenitly underrate this exam! In too many question I was unsure and the problem is if you’ve answered a question you can’t go back also if you have still enough time in the end of the exam.

I’ve reached a score of 768 and 860 is needed to pass the exam! I also can’t go for a second chance because I did register myself for the last possible exam date and I said to myself in a risky manner „all or nothing“ and sadly I failed!

Shit happens!!! Maybe it’s a good time to rearange my future goals or think about to do something completely new in direction to IT-Security stuff 🙂

I’ve still my old CCNA Lab equipement in my working room at home. For a longer time it was not in use and it’s full of dust! If I should find some time and motivation I’m happy to play with it again!

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