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Null / A.Fawer

David Caine leads a dangerous double life. During the day, he inspires his students with quantum physics and probability calculus, while at night he dives into the world of poker clubs in Manhattan. The brilliant mathematician can calculate the odds of his fellow players in seconds. But one night he makes a mistake and his life gets out of control. A breathtaking hunt begins, in which David Caine must fear not only for his life, but also for his mind.

Gnosis / A.Fawer

Gnosis, Greek cognition: To recognize people in their innermost being is the source of unimaginable power. Laszlo Kuehl has that power. He is an empathist and has perfected the ability of emotional empathy up to the highest level of mind control. As a teacher at a school for gifted students, Laszlo discovers a similar talent in two of his students – and thus puts them in the greatest danger. Because her extraordinary gift makes the empathicists interesting for Samantha Zister, agent of a secret suborganization of the FBI: In a secret laboratory she conducts inhuman experiments – with the aim of infiltrating politics and society by a specially recruited leadership elite.
Valentinus, himself an empathizer and leader of a sect dedicated to the secret doctrine of gnosis, plans to let his idea of the apocalypse become cruel reality on New Year’s Eve 2007. A catastrophe that only an equal can prevent. But Laszlo’s starting position for this race against time is very bad…

The Circle / Dave Eggers

The 24-year-old Mae Holland is overjoyed. She got a job at the hippest company in the world, the „Circle“, a friendly California-based Internet company that has swallowed Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter’s businesses by providing all customers with a single internal identity through which everything can be handled. With the disappearance of anonymity on the net – one of the aims of the „wise three men“ who run the company – the world will become a better place. Mae enthusiastically enters this beautiful new world with her light-flooded offices and high-class restaurants, where star chefs create free meals for staff, where international pop stars give free concerts and cool parties are celebrated almost every evening. She becomes a model employee and deludes herself into believing that everything must be transparent, to the point. But an encounter with a mysterious colleague changes everything…

Blackout / Marc Elsberg

On a cold January day, all electricity networks in Europe collapse. Total blackout. The Italian computer scientist Piero Manzano suspects a hacker’s attack and tries to warn the authorities – unsuccessfully. When Europol Commissioner Bollard finally listens to him, dubious e-mails appear in Manzano’s computer, which lead him to suspect himself. He is the target of an opponent who is as refined as he is merciless. Meanwhile, the whole of Europe is in the dark and the struggle for survival begins…

1 WTC / Friedrich von Borries

Four young people in New York are fighting against the omnipresence of surveillance, the beginning of the end of our freedom. They get ever deeper lost in a mirror cabinet of virtuality, fiction and reality. At the end, there are dead – and a decision.
New York. Ten years after the attacks of September 11,2001, the city has returned to normality and a new World Trade Center – the 1WTC – is being built. Tom, a former U. S. military intelligence officer, is designing the foundation of the building. His girlfriend Jennifer, a gallery owner, gets to know the German artist Mikael Mikael in the library, who hires her for his film project: Together with the mysterious hacker Asanta, they document the ever-present surveillance in the city. When Tom receives a mysterious assignment from his former superiors, the line between simulation and reality becomes blurred.

Traveler / John Twelve Hawks

Every movement is filmed, every phone call is tapped, every trace is traced on the Internet, every purchase is registered – with the help of a system of total surveillance, a secret brotherhood tries to gain control of the world. Few people, called travelers, are able to thwart the plans of the Brotherhood. For the travelers have the extraordinary gift of travelling to other spheres. And they have always opposed any attempt to destroy human self-determination and freedom.

The brothers Michael and Gabriel Corrigan are, without knowing it, the last descendants of the Traveler. Hunted by the minions of the Brotherhood, they seem to have little chance of preventing them from taking power. Wouldn’t be Maya, the descendant of a warrior caste who dedicated her life to swordplay and the protection of the travelers. It is upto them alone to save the last travelers from the fraternity’s reenactments

before the freedom of mankind is lost forever.

Dark River / John Twelve Hawks

Two hostile brothers. A mysterious brotherhood. And the hunt for the man who can save humanity.

Gabriel and Michael Corrigan are travelers, the last survivors of a group of prophets fighting for freedom and self-determination. But then Michael turned into the brotherhood of the Tabula, which tries to control all mankind with the help of a global surveillance network.

Traveler – The Final / John Twelve Hawks

The brothers Gabriel and Michael Corrigan are travelers, the last descendants of a group of prophets fighting for freedom and independence of the people. But Michael has gone over to the brotherhood of the Tabula, a powerful organization that tries to control all mankind with the help of a global surveillance system. While Gabriel has made it his business to defend the legacy of the travelers, Michael is doing everything he can to overthrow the Tabula’s head of security and lead the Brotherhood itself. In a breathtaking showdown, the dramatic struggle of the brothers, the Traveler against the Brotherhood, is finally decided once and for all.

The Illuminati / Larry Burkett

From before the time of Christ, there have been rumors of a secret society called The Illuminati…a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical, supernatural powers. Many saw them as demons or gods. Those who opposed them simply disappeared…or met an even worse fate. Unknown to all but the very few, this group slowly infiltrated world organizations and financial institutions with a singular goal–to control the world’s economic system. Now fast-forward to the year 2020. The Illuninati has succeeded in placing one of their people in the office of the presidency of the United States. With the worldwide launch of a financial system know as Data-Net, they gain unlimited power. How do you escape an unknown enemy operating at the highest levels who can track you every move?

1984 / George Orwell

Winston Smith lives in a totalitarian surveillance state. His task is to falsify newspaper reports in the Ministry of Truth, e. g. to remove those murdered for political reasons from history. Although Smith works for the party, he is an opponent of the system within himself. One day, Smith falls in love with Julia with the rebellious eyes. However, since according to the party statute, sexuality is only used for reproduction, a dangerous game of hide-and-seek begins…

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