Interview with Ronald Bernard (5 parts)

An insider reveals! The Dutch ex-banker Ronald Bernard talks about the shattering machinations of the financial elite. The powerful who move the big money will stop at nothing. Appearances are deceptive and nothing is as it seems. Ronald Bernard seems very authentic, but you should always be critical.

The financial world is managed by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The banking system is privatised, is not subject to state control and cannot be prosecuted. The financial world operates in the Free States, such as the BIS in Basel, the City of London, Vatican City or Washington DC. It deprives the population of its values with interest, inflation and manipulation of laws and politicians.

In the third part of the interview series with Ronald Bernard, he talks about his traumas and his motives for going public with his revelations about the financial elite. He recalls the protocols of Zion and the parallels with the current financial system. It should be noted that the protocols of Zion proved to be a historical falsification. To label this directly as anti-Semitism may also be too hasty, because in Part 2 he also talks about the immoral negotiations of the National Socialists and Allies, about the gold of the Jews captured in World War II. His personal experience has made it his mission to help the children of this world. We must put an end to child abuse, child victims, international organ trafficking and the machinations of the financial elite. At least on this point most people will agree.

Ronald Bernard’s fourth interview, in which he shares insights and experiences about what goes wrong in this world, the reasons and what we can do about it. He also talks about traumatizing experiences and his faith.

Fifth and last part of the DVM-TV interview series with Ronald Bernard. In this part he talks – among other things – about social entrepreneurship, how he clashed with the local powers, and about the background to why he spent several months innocently in a Belgian prison.

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