Praise is like a feather…

Praise is like a feather: people get wings

We live in a competitive society. How easy it is to belittle others by criticism. In school and education there is usually a red pencil for mistakes, but no gold pencil for everything that has become particularly good. In our working world, it is easier for some people to criticise the benevolent efforts of a colleague as ambitious. In politics, too, the actors are not exactly squeamish with each other. Praise and recognition for a good idea, for success? Not a chance! Wouldn’t we like to leave these envious lowlands? An atmosphere of mutual support and appreciation is also beneficial for ourselves. „From fairy tales we know words in which magical powers dwell. There are also magic words in real life. Mysterious powers are in praise. Every person lives by the fact that they find approval, that they are made to understand: You are welcome here,“ says Phil Bosmans. Praise not only gives people wings, but also a place in our midst; and those who feel secure also strive to give the best.

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