MCSA Notes 70-740 P4

Configure Disks

Master Boot Record GUID Partition Table
Partition Type Stored in a boot sector Stored with every partition
Partition Limit 4 primary partitions 128 primary partitions
Volume size Up to 2TB Up to 18EB (exabytes)
Boot OS? Yes Yes, with UEFI Firmware
When to use? Older systems Whenever possible

Resilent File System (ReFS)

Pro Contra (Limitations)
Data Integrity File system compression
High availability File system encryption
Optimized for VMs Data deduplication
Disk quotas
Removable media
not bootable

#View storage related cmdlets

Get-Command -Module Storage

#View disks


#Initialize disks as GPT

Initialize-Disk -Number 2 -UseMaximumSize -Driveletter I

#View partition


#Partition an entire disk

New-Partition -DiskNumber 2 -UseMaximumSize -Driveletter I

#View Volumes


#Format with a file system

Format-Volume -Driveletter I -Filesystem NTFS -AllocationUnitSize 4096 -NewFileSystemLabel "IT Data"

#Format remaining disk with a single command

Get-Disk | where-Object Partitionstyle -eq "RAW" | Initialize-Disk -Partitionstyle GPT -PassThru | New-Parition -UseMaximumSize -DriveLetter V | Format-Volume -FileSystem ReFS -AllocationUnitSize 65536 -NewFileSystemLabel "VM Data"


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