Troubleshooting APP-V Timeout

I did create an APP-V Package for our Intrusion Prevention Management Console. It’s a Java based Application and the sequenzing process seems to be very easy. The APP-V Package worked, but crashed after 10 Minutes with a strange Error.

A quick Research in google showed me that this seems to be a well known error and a possible soloution is to edit the osd file and change the subsystem value from „windows“ to „console“.

Maybe this helps in many cases, but not in my case! But be sure I don’t give up, because I like challenges 😉

Thanks god that I discovered the Blog of the APP-V Guru Timothy Mangan. On his Blog is a great article about this error and it goes much deeper than many other discussions which handels this error.

First I did a check with a dump of the exe file if my Application is categorized as a Console App or a Windows GUI. For this step I use the tool PESnoop.

As we can see the Subsystem is Classified as Windows_GUI. If it’s a console APP then the Subsystem Value would be Windows_CUI. I change the Subsystem Value in the OSD File back to „Windows“ and go further with my analysis.

My next try was to load the helper Program LaunchIt32.exe first before the main application starts. I did update the APP-V Package, include the helper Program and edit the osd file again.

Then I did test the package. First I had a syntax error! You have to be very carefull when you edit an osd File! I correct the syntax error and did start the Application again. Same error? Not possible! It seems that my Softgrid Client Cache still use the old package!

Let’s clear the cache! sftmime.exe remove obj:app /global /complete

After deleting the client cache I could start the program, but this wasn’t the soloution.

As we can read in the blog of Timothy Mangan there’s one more trick and this solved my Problem. I did use another helper tool called SilentTimedApp.exe which starts first. The simple tool runs for 10 seconds and then exits. You can also use Scripts in a OSD File and in the scripting part it’s possible to set a wait command that the SilentTimedApp do not exit until you close the main Application. The main Application is also loaded over a command in the Scripting part!


What I still have is the blue launching bar during the whole time when the application is running! But this is cosmetics! No worry about that 😉

The main goal was that the application do not crash anymore and it works! I like creative soloutions! Thank you Timothy…

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