Setting up a Endian Firewall

For my Homenetwork I use a Endian Firewall. The community Edition is Free and OpenSource. Like many other OpenSource based Firewalls also Endian has its roots in the well known Firewall Distribution IPCop. I’ve installed my Endian Firewall on a 4GB CF Card. The system is running on a mini Mainboard called ALIX 2D13 from PC Engines as you can see in the picture below.

It’s a really compact System and the advantage is that this system has a very low power consumption. I’ve used this Firewall over two years now without any problem, but this week I had the problem that the System didn’t boot anymore!

As you can see in the picture the Systemboard has no video Output. The only Output you have is over the RS232 Port. I did connect my Netbook with help of a  RS232 USB Adapter to the Serial Port on the System Board. For the connection I can use Putty, but I prefer Teraterm. Setting the baudrate to 38400 and now let’s see what we have:

Huh? What’s that! It’s seems that I’ve a loop, because if I hit Return I can shortly see the Grub Loader and then I’ve the same Dialog as you can see above! There is something wrong with the Linux Kernel, but I’ve no plan how to fix that. I decided to reinstall the System. I’ve discovered a good Tutorial on a Blog how to install the system. There’s a very good explenation and I did use the prebuild Endian Image which is linked in the article.

I only had to extract the VHD File to the the CF Card with the tool WinImage.

After a while I could successfull boot and configure my new Endian Firewall. The performance of the Webinterface is a bit slow, but OK!

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