Sequencing vSphere Client 5.1

I’ve tried to create an APP-V package for the Vmware vSpehre Client 5.1. My first try wasn’t successful to create the package. As you can see in the picture below the installer stops suddenly and ends with a „Rolling back action“.

Based on my APP-V experiences that I’ve allready collected in our IT Environment I know that the sequencing process doesn’t support drivers. In most of the cases that I know from previous installations the setup process did complete and it was possible to install the required drivers manually in the operating System Image that the APP-V package work. But in this case I wasn’t sure what the cause was. After a research I did find out that the vSphere Client tries to install some USB drivers and this seems to be the reason why the setup process failes. I did follow the step by step instructions from a nice article and I could successful create the APP-V package! 😀

  1. I had to extract the original vSphere Client Installer with 7-Zip
  2. I had to start the VMware-viclient.exe file, located in the extracted bin folder from the original vSphere Client installer file. (Note: Just start and not continue)
  3. I had to locate the MSI File in the Temp Directory. Start > Run > %temp% and looking for a folder with a GUID like this:
  4. I had to open the located MSI File with Orca. Orca is a well known MSI Editor from Microsoft, which allow you to edit MSI files.
  5. In the Orca MSI Editor I had to create a new Transform. Transform > New Transform
  6. In the table InstallExecuteSequence I had to drop the following lines:
    • VM_InstallUSB
    • VM_InstallUSB_SetData
    • VM_InstallHCmon
    • VM_InstallHCmon_SetData
    • VM_InstallUSBArbitrator
    • VM_InstallUSBArbitrator_SetData
    • VM_StartUSBArbSvc
  7. I had to create a Transformfile and save it as a mst file. Transform > Generate Transform. The mst file contains my changes for the msi installer.
  8. In the sequencer I had to install the J# Engine first, which was also located in the extracted folder of the original vSphere Installer.
  9. I had to start the Installation with the following syntax: msiexec /i nameofmsi.msi TRANSFORMS=nameofmst.mst I did this with both Installers, the vSphere Client 5.0 and 5.1 and I included them into one package.

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