Lenovo T400 Notebook

Yes it’s not the newest Gadget, but I’ve decided to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Notebook from a auction platform. I paid a bit more than 300CHF and I think that’s still a good price. The main reason was because I did search for a Device who supports PCMCIA Cards. Maybe as you already know you’ll no longer find new Devices on the market with a PCMCIA Slot. The interface is outdated! 🙁

First I changed the internal Harddrive with a 128GB Solid State Disk. Then I did install a Linux on that Machine. My favorite choice was the Backbox Linux Distribution which is a Security based derivative from the Ubuntu Family 😀

The boot process of the system goes very fast and I really like the xfce Desktop 🙂

I’ve some interesting PCMCIA Cards as you can see in the picture below:

  • 1x Orinoco WLAN card. The special thing on that card is that you’re able to connect it with an external antenna and the chipset supports the most common Linux based WLAN analysis Tools 🙂
  • 1x Dosch Amand Dect Controller Card. This card type is very rare and I’m proud to own such a card. With this card you’re able to sniff Dect Traffic and check the security of your Dect Phone. (Soon I’ll write something about it)
  • 1x Netgear WG511t WLAN card. This card is based on the atheros chipset and supports also the  most common WLAN analysis tools.

As you can further see is that I’ve also a USB based WLAN Adapter from Alfa. The advantage is that you can connect this adapter easy to a virtual machine. The adapter supports paket injection and works also well with the most common Linux based WLAN analysis Tools!

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