APP-V VectorWorks 2013

This week I had to create a APP-V package of VectorWorks2013. The application used more than 7GB capacity, but the maximum size of a package in APP-V Version 4.6 can only be 4GB. If a installation is bigger than 4GB, the sequenzer tries to compress the package. With compression I got approximate 4.6GB and this was still to big.

I did swap out the library files (nearly 5GB) to a netshare and removed the files from the package. Inside the application I could set the path where the library files are to find. The new file size of the application allowed me now to create successful the APP-V package.

I did test the package in the productive Environment and a message poped out that VectorWorks could not find a valid SerialNumber!



Hmmm if I look back to my last APP-V Challenge this problem looks familiar to me!

Like in the last case I changed the sequenzer Volume ID of partition X: to 1010-1010, because I discovered that this is the Value of the hidden Partition X: when you load a APP-V package. Yes, we still learn from our experiences! One Challenge more solved 😉

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