Swiss Army 2013


The whole last month I had to join the swiss army for the yearly refresher course. Maybe as you already know I’m in a military unit who builds communication networks to transmit encrypted voice and data. The main exercise was to build such a network and test a new software release of the node management application software which you need to configure the hardware components. The weather was really strange,  because it changed from sun to rain and at one weekend we could also see snow!

Auswahl_084snowI was lend out to another military company to join a small team with a radio access point car and my job was to configure the radio receiving sets and the software that we had access to the integrated military communication system. The radio receiving sets were important that other mobile troops could login over our car to communicate with other military locations over the network.


During the exercise we changed the location three times and mostly we did stay outside or near a farm.

sheepsAuswahl_090Over all I enjoyed my time there, but I’m also glad that I’ll have next year my last refreshing course and after that I’ve no longer to serve the swiss army 😉

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