Give a service access to the APP-V environment

One of the biggest problems is that you can’t record driver informations when you create an APP-V package. If your Software installs a driver for a specific hardware device you can use the package in most of the cases, but for a proper work of the package and communication between the software and the devices you need to implement the driver fully in the operating system. A while ago I’ve tried to create a APP-V package of a SPS Software that some students need to program touchpannels. The Software isn’t supported for providing with APP-V and I couldn’t find any informations in the internet. During the sequenze process I got some errors, but I could finish the package.

I did install the driver manually in the operating system image and test the package. For the communication with the touch pannel we need a special adapter, but the adapter didn’t appear in the software. I could see that the driver did install a service in the operating system and my assumption was that the driver search the software local on the client.

Hmm…is there a way to get the system access into the APP-V environment?

I discovered a nice blog with a information how you can give a service access to the APP-V bubble. I didn’t know that this is possible before. What a nice hack and awesome information! You just have to edit a registry Key and you can grant every service you want access to the APP-V bubble. 😀

The key is located under: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\AppFS\ServiceInclusions

serviceinclusions-1After some new tries I’ve decided to install the software locally because I did run into other path error problems, but over all I got new APP-V experiences and who knows maybe this will help me in another cases 😀

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