Israel 2013

4 years ago I was for the first time in Israel with a international group from 12 different nations. This year I’ve decided to go again to Israel with the same Organization. This time we were a larger group of 80 people from 20 different nations. We had a awesome time together and if you ever want to go to Israel this could be a great experience for you and a impressive trip you’ll never forget!

Day 1 – Arrival

After my arrival at BenGurion Airport in TelAviv I was picked up by a person who brought me together with other participants to the Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village near TelAviv where we meet more participants from around the world with a warm welcome. After Dinner we went to Ashdod where we attend a messianic youth congregation to spend time together with them in time of worship and prayer.

Ashdod_youthcongregationDay 2 – Diaspora Museum and Beach time

Next Morning we went to TelAviv to visit the Diaspora Museum. Jewish Diaspora means the scattering of Jews outside of palestine after the Babylonian Captivity. The museum shows in a impressive way the story of the jewish people from the time of their expulsion from the land of Israel 2.600 years ago to the present. Diaspora1Diaspora2After the museum we had time to relax at the beautiful Gordon Beach in TelAviv.

Gordon_Beach1 Gordon_Beach2 Gordon_Beach3Day 3 – Sderot and the Judea Dessert

We did leave the Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village and did a stop near the valley where David fought Goliath. Here we got a short and encouraging devotion of Pastor Mull.

Valley1 Valley2Right after we drove further to Sderot, a small city near the Gaza Strip. Here we got a speech of Noam Bedein who showed us the truth situation of the inhabitants who live near the Gaza Strip that they’re often confronted by missile attacks from the Hamas. If the Israelis who live there hear the alarm bell, they’ve only 15 seconds to move into a shelter! A quick video show how serious the situation is.


sderot2 sderot3

In the afternoon we went to Kfar Hanokdim a beduin camp in the Judean Dessert. Here we did enjoy a camel ride and a little night hike later in the evening.

judea_d1 judea_d2 judea_d3judea_d4 judea_d5 judea_d6

Day 4 – Fountain of tears / Arriving in Haifa

After a nice breakfast we did leave the Judea Dessert and stop in Arad to see some fantastic sculptures named Fountain of Tears by artist Rick Wienecke. For a deeper understanding what the fountain of tears means, please watch the video below.


Our next destination was BeerSheva where we’ve met ethiopian children and families in a absorption Center. They’ve recently made aliyah and the goal of the absorption Center is to help integrate and prepare them for an independent living within Israeli society.

beersheva1 beersheva2Afterwards we drove northwards to Haifa where we did stay over the weekend.

map1Day 5 – Teaching / Shabbat / Worship

This day we’ve got bible and aliyah teachings. Later in the evening we did celebrate shabbat and join a 3 hour worship session at the Carmel Assembly.

carmel1 carmel2 carmel3 carmel4Day 6 – Mount Carmel

After saturday morning service at the carmel assembly and a nice lunch we did go to the top of Mount Carmel where the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and called the fire from heaven. Here we’ve got a biblical teaching about Elijah and later we did move to a beach. I didn’t go into the water because there were lot’s of jellyfish inside the water 😀

carmel5 carmel6 carmel7 carmel8 carmel9

Later in the evening we had some free time and as a little swiss group we’ve decided to go into a asian restaurant.

carmel10Day 7 – Meeting Israeli Soldiers

We did leave Haifa and stop at a Kibbutz close to the Lebanese border. From there we did go near to a army base and had the opportunity to speak with israeli soldiers. Behind the Lebanese border the terrorist organization Hezbollah is still active and therefore it’s very important that this are is protected by the army.

army1 army2In the afternoon we did volunteer work and support Leket Israel an organization that serves as the country’s National Food bank. They provide food to Israels poor and needy. Our job was to pick up onions on a large field and in a short time we’ve collected 3 tons of onions.frn1 frn2 frn4Later we had the possible to take a bath in the pool of our hostel.

pool1Day 8 – Hike at Golan Heights

golan_hike1We did a beautiful hike in the Golan Heights with a tour that was going down to the valley where we had to walk in the water. We came to a nice place with a little river and a waterfall where we could swim.

golan2 golan3 golan4 golan5Later we did go to a place called Sachne Park where we could relax and swim and in the evening we did visit a fellowship in Tiberias for a time of worship and prayer.

sachne_parkDay 9 – Sea of Galilee / Capernaum

We did a boat tour on the beautiful sea of galilee. On the boat we’ve got biblical teaching and had a time of worship. Later we did visit Capernaum.

sea_of_galilee1 sea_of_galilee2sea_of_galilee3capernaumDay 10 – Baptism at Jordan River / Dead Sea / Jericho

We did drove trough the Jordan Valley down to Kaser El Yahud where Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist. The leaders of the tour offers to baptize those who had it on the heart to get baptized.

jordan_river1 jordan_river2Later we did go to the Mineral Beach to have fun in the dead sea. If you never was in the dead sea, believe me it’s an awesome feeling to float like a cork on the water 😀

dead_sea1 dead_sea2

dead_sea3 dead_sea4For the rest of the day we mover over to Jericho which is Palestinian area. Together with the Christian organization Seeds of Hope we did there some voluntary work to clean some streets of waste!

jericho2 seed_of_hope1In the late evening we’ve reached Jerusalem were we did stay for the rest of the trip.

Day 11 – The walls of Jerusalem / Meeting a Holocaust Survivor

jerusalem1We did a prayer walk on the old walls of Jerusalem which overlook the old city. Together as group we had a worship time and stand together in prayer for Jerusalem.

jerusalem2 jerusalem3Then we did go to see the western wall. Here we did see lot’s of Jews who did celebrate Bar Mitzwa with their sons. In the afternoon we went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum where we met a Holocaust Survivor who told us her personal story.

jerusalem4 jerusalem5 jerusalem6 jerusalem7Day 12 – City of David / Hezekiah Tunnel

city_of_davidWe did visit the City of David. It’s the place where the story of Jerusalem began. It’s the oldest settled part of Jerusalem an an important archaeological area.

city_of_david2 city_of_david3In the evening we’ve planed to go again to the western wall that we can visit the place on a Shabbat. Because of Ramadan it was to chaotic in the city and therefore the staff decided that we can stay in the hotel to have some free time.

Day 13 – Mount of Olives / Old City of Jerusalem / The Garden Tomb

We did an excursion to the Mount of Olives. From there we had a great view to the city of Jerusalem.

mnt_oliv1Further we did a walk down to the garden of Gethsemane where we got a biblical teaching and had some personal time for bible study.

mnt_oliv2Then we had some time to go shopping in the Arabic part of Jerusalem.

jerusalem_marketAfter the arabian market we did visit the Garden tomb, where they say that the grave of Jesus was.

garden_of_tombDay 14 – Teaching by a Rabbi / Visit a House of Prayer

On our last day in Israel we had the opportunity to get a lecture from a rabbi held in a synagogue in the community of Efrat near Bethlehem.

rabbiLater we did visit the King of Kings Congregation in Jerusalem for a time of worship. Right after the Congregation we did go to Sukkat Hallel a 24/7 Prayer and Worship House in Jerusalem. We were there until late in the evening and we had a powerful worship time.


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