Selfstudy: IT-Security Training

I like IT-Security reltated Topics and I’d like to gain more knowledge and practical skills on that area. Because of that reason I did create a little lab with virtual machines as you can see in the picture below. I’m also interessted to learn more about proffessional penetration testing and how a Security Analyst work. I bought several IT-Security books with great teachings, but unfortunately most of them I haven’t read yet. I hope  that i’ll have  soon more time, energy and motivation to read. I’m glad that we have much more possibilites to learn and practice IT-Security Skills than some years ago. There are great videopodcasts trainings in the net and some projects with vulnerable virtual machines which give you the possibility to create your own lab. Maybe I’ll do a blogpost with inspirations and sources how did I a create my lab and how you can do the same if you’re also interssted in IT-Security. Like the whole IT-Stuff, also IT Security is a huge field with many areas where you can specialize yourself. Actually I’ve two projects in my mind which I want to look closer:

  • WLAN – Security
  • Python Programming language


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