Swiss Army Course

Because of my military function I had to go to a army course last week for two days. It was a short technical training to be again familiar with the „integrated military communication system„. The system itself remembers a little bit to the arpanet, the forerunner of the Internet. If you want to do a connection from A to B and a communication point between A and B fails, the system will find a another route to its destination. It’s a distributed system like the Internet! 😉



In that function we have to know howto wire the hardware of such a communicationpoint and configure the software. Further we should  have some basic knowledge in the configuration of radio receiving sets. I did realize that the configuration of the system and the integration of the radio receiving sets is not so easy if you haven’t done this for a longer time! 😉

In the first day of the course we did some exercises about the configuration of the node management software and in the second day we had to build a little communication network between 4 Radio Access Point Tanks. If you want to understand a system you need to do practical training. This is what we did  in this two days and therefore i can give a good course review!

symbolic picture of a radio access point tank

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