Chipped like a dog?

2. November 2015 Sw0rdfighter 0

Nearly 10 years ago I heard the first time about RFID which stands for radio frequency identification. Fascinated by this topic I did some researches in my […]

Rise up!

7. Juni 2015 Sw0rdfighter 0

Something goes wrong in this world. Maybe you can feel it, but you don’t know what’s behind this feeling. Listen to this words and think […]

WordPress Hacked

31. März 2014 Sw0rdfighter 0

Last week my wordpress installation got target of a botnet attack. I did run the newest version of wordpress, but some of my plugins and […]

Zero Dark Thirty

19. Februar 2013 Sw0rdfighter 0

Have you heard about a movie called Zero Dark Thirty? The movie is currently in the cinema and titled with „The greatest Manhunt in History“. […]

Phising Mail

26. Dezember 2012 Sw0rdfighter 0

Today I’ve received a nice phising Mail written in German! Such a good grammar! Yes, this must be truly from a bank… *hust* *hust* Sehr […]